Loylaty Funding logo.png

KCA offers families the option of participating in a Loyalty Funding program as a way of reducing your Fundraising Fee or, if you choose, donating to the Academy.

It is simple, automatic and doesn't cost you anything more than you would already spend each month on your groceries, gas and coffee purchases. You simply set up a monthly subscription to receive gift cards to the retailers you already normally shop with. The payment will be automatically taken out each month and you will receive your cards in the mail. You pay exactly the same amount as the value of the cards you receive.

Since Loyalty Funding purchases the gift cards in bulk, the retailers give them a discount. They, in turn, give a portion of that discount to KCA. We assign it to the account you designate. Funds will accumulate over the year and will be applied as a credit to your following year’s invoice, or can be designated to support the school.