At Koinonia Christian Academy our Kindergarten program is offered as an everyday learning experience for your child. Our core curriculum will be taught on Monday/Wednesday/Friday with an opportunity for enrichment on Tuesday/Thursday. The Tuesday/Thursday experience will allow your child to receive additional practice for skill development and mastery. You choose the program that would best serve your child as we are pleased to offer both a three and five day option.

3 Day Monday/Wednesday/Friday


* Calendar and Morning Meeting

* Spacewalk Physical Activity

* Math and Phonics Lessons

* Play based learning centres that include number sense, phonics printing and guided reading, sensory activities (playdough, sand, water, rice tables) art, dramatic play, building centers and carpet games.

* Scheduled Show and Tell

* Story Circles

* Bible Story with Memory Verse

*15 minute silent read /rest period

*2 -15 minute recesses and 1-30 minute recess along with an additional snack and lunch break.


* Physical Education Program

* Science Study

* Music/Poetry

*Multi-grade Reading Buddies


*In class specials or off premise field trips that correspond with areas of study.

5 Day Enrichment Days Tuesday/Thursday

*Follows same daily schedule with additional practice in the areas of Math and Phonics for deeper learning opportunities.

*Weekly schedule add-ons will include the Arts, Physical Education and Science on a rotating schedule.

Mrs. Nafziger, Koinonia Christian Academy.jpg

Mrs. Janet Nafziger - Homeroom Teacher

2018-19 is her 15th year teaching at KCA

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalm 118:24

Miss Bondy, Koinonia Christian Academy.jpg

Mrs. Ariel Aslami- Educational Assistant

2018-19 is her 3rd year at KCA

"Be kind to one another." Ephesians 4:32